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 Convert prospects into customers with compelling sales and marketing collateral.


Empower Your Sales Team


Sales enablement content helps your sales team sell more. It’s content that educates your prospective customers about your product and/or industry, helping them make an informed choice. Effective sales enablement copy differentiates your product and makes the buying decision easier for your prospects. It plays an essential role in any content strategy.

Why should you invest in sales enablement copy? 

Most early-stage SaaS companies see way more customer growth from the efforts of their sales team than they do from their marketing team at first. Even so, too many companies neglect to equip their sales team with the product marketing assets that can help them get more leads and close more deals. 

Too often, companies have approached us about content creation for their website when their salespeople are operating with bare bones on-the-fly sales assets that each sales rep has cobbled together on their own. The hype around business blogging and content marketing can sometimes overshadow the need to create content that equips your sales team to perform at their best. After they’re properly equipped, then it’s time to start investing in SEO content campaigns.


Our Sales Enablement Content Writing Services at a Glance

Landing Pages

Lead Magnets


Case Studies

Slide Decks

Explainer Video Scripts

Email Templates


Types of Sales Enablement Content We Provide


Sales enablement content can be digital or physical. It can live on your website and serve as a lead generator and it can also be used by your sales team to add value in email campaigns. Physical sales assets like one-pagers (or one-sheets) and white papers can also be left with clients after in-person meetings. 

Some common sales assets that fall into this category include: 


Landing Pages


A landing page is a web page designed to sell one specific product or service. It might be a static page that appears in the main navigation of your website, or it might be a page created for one specific marketing campaign that can’t be found in your website navigation. Landing page copy is designed to drive readers to take an action, whether that’s to buy a product, schedule a demo, or request more information. 


Case Studies


A case study is an in-depth client testimonial created to help attract more of your ideal clients. You showcase your ideal project or client, and describe them and the challenges they face in a way that another potential ideal client would recognize themselves. Then you describe how your team solved that problem and exceeded expectations. A robust case study involves interviews with you, your team, and the client and their team, to fully understand the impact of what you did for them, and to tell the story in a clear, concise way. 

Our case study writing services include landing page content and social media posts to promote the content. 


Explainer Video Scripts


An explainer video is typically one or two minutes long and concisely explains the problem your product addresses, how you solve it, and your top differentiators from existing solutions. Explainer video scripts feature short sentences with conversational language and a compelling and exciting pitch. 


Lead Magnets


Lead magnets such as white papers and e-books often serve a dual purpose: when posted on your website as a lead magnet (meaning a reader must enter their contact info to access the resource), they can generate leads and help move potential customers closer to a sale. White papers are often used to make the case for a new approach to an old problem. They’re also used to present new research, discuss the impact of regulation on your industry, and generally build your authority in your industry. 

White papers are typically longer than a blog post and they’re formatted as a PDF so that they can be printed easily. They range from 1,500 words to 5,000.

E-books are typically just a longer whiter paper, typically starting at 5,000 words.  


Slide Decks 


A slide deck is a series of slides that you can present to a prospective buyer or investor to make the case for why someone should buy (or invest in) your product (or company). They involve two parts: the copy that the audience sees, and the presenters’ notes. 


Sell Sheets


A sell sheet is typically a one-page piece of content that explains how your product or service solves a specific problem. It’s helpful when introducing a new product or service. It’s typically very concise and uses bullet points, infographics, and/or images of the product or service. 


Email Templates


Email templates make your sales reps more efficient by providing a framework for outreach and follow-up emails with prospective customers. A series of pre-written emails can be combined into an email campaign using marketing automation software to connect with prospects throughout the buyer’s journey.

Note: Since our specialty is creating marketing content, there are a few types of sales enablement content templates and tools we don’t create: 

  • Battlecards
  • Sales scripts
  • Playbooks



How Our Sales Enablement Copywriting Service Works:


Step 1: Deep dive with your sales leaders to get to know your target audience, understand your sales process, and find out what sales assets your team members need

Step 2: Audit your existing content to identify gaps, decide what to create

Step 3: Interview subject matter experts (or customers, if we’re creating case studies)

Step 4: Create assets

Step 5: (Optional) Design assets

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