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Your website copy is the foundation of your digital marketing strategy. The words you use to describe your business impact your customers’ perception of your brand, your conversion rate, and your ability to rank in search engines.

The best websites answer potential customers’ questions as quickly and succinctly as possible, while providing a compelling pitch for your products or services and showcasing everything that sets your brand apart from the competition.

Trusted Expertise and Proven Experience 

I’ve been creating foundational web copy to help business owners clearly articulate their services and value proposition since 2016. I’ve worked with SaaS companies, B2B services, nonprofits, tech consultants, manufacturing companies, restaurants, and more. 

Past Website Clients Include: 


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A typical website content engagement includes the following steps: 

Step 1: Free Consultation

We’ll chat for 15 minutes to determine if we’re a good fit to work together, outline the process, answer any questions you have.

Step 2: Proposal & Deposit Invoice

I’ll send a proposal with the fee, scope of work, and terms of the engagement, along with the invoice for half of the project fee as a nonrefundable deposit. At this point, I may recommend a Brand Identity engagement or an SEO strategy engagement before getting started with your website, depending on your situation. 

Step 3: Deep Dive Interview

By interviewing you/key members of your leadership and/or sales team, I’ll learn everything I can about your target audience, your product or service, and your company. 

Step 4: Follow Up Interview

After beginning to draft your content, I’ll schedule a follow-up interview to go into more detail on anything I missed in the first interview. 

Step 5: Conceptual Wireframe & Sitewide SEO Recommendations (If Needed)

Depending on what you brought to the engagement, I’ll make recommendations about changes to the layout of your site to improve user experience and give it a better chance of ranking higher in search engines for key buying-related search terms. 

Step 6: First Draft of Website Content

I’ll provide a Google Doc with high-quality copy for each web page, calling out formatting considerations (H1, H2, H3, bulleted list, hero section, CTA button, etc.) 

Step 7: Revisions

After your team reviews the copy and provides line edits, I’ll provide up to three more revised versions (within 30 days of submitting the first draft) to make sure it perfectly captures your value proposition and your brand voice

Step 8: Final Invoice

After submitting the final version of your website copy, I’ll send the invoice for the remaining balance. 


Because a website copy project includes all of the getting-to-know you research involved in onboarding a new client, I waive the typical onboarding fee that I would charge for other one-off projects. I charge $1,000 for the first page, and then $500 for each additional page after that.

Turnaround Time 

A typical website copy project, which includes anywhere from five to 15 unique urls’ worth of high quality content, takes a minimum of one month from the first consultation to the final round of revisions. This factors in about two weeks between the first deep dive interview and the first draft. 

If you need website copy faster, I charge a 20% rush fee to provide the first draft within one week. 


Frequently Asked Questions About Website Copywriting:


What do I need to bring for a smooth website copy process? 

My typical client comes to me to write the second, third, or even fourth iteration of their website, after they’ve been in business for a few years and have already figured out the basics about their value proposition. That’s typically when it’s worth investing in professional copywriting for your website, whereas when you’re first starting out, you might not understand your own customers enough to make it worth outsourcing the writing. I can work with you regardless of where you are in your journey, but there are a few marketing assets that can speed along the process.

Required: Brand Identity

Your brand identity is everything from your brand colors, to your essential copy describing your business, like your elevator pitch, boilerplate content, about us, social media tagline, etc. I’ll incorporate that into the copy of each web page as appropriate. If you have some of that, but don’t love it, I’ll suggest changes. And if you have nothing, I’ll recommend a Brand Identity project first. 

Optional: Wireframe 

It’s an age-old dilemma in building websites. Which comes first, the web design or the content? It’s kind of like the chicken and the egg, because you need both at the same time. Fortunately, I’m flexible.

If you don’t have a wireframe (any kind of mockup of the content showing the layout of the pages and a suggested character count for each section), I can help you brainstorm a website layout that makes sense, and write the copy first. Then the website designer can build a design that accommodates the copy. 

If you already have a wireframe, I can write copy to fit in all of the designated spaces. Although in some cases, it has happened that I felt like the design didn’t fit the purpose of the page, i.e. the designated text boxes didn’t allow enough room for the kind of copy that page needed, and I’ve had to suggest changes to the design. That’s not usually a problem for web designers though.  

Nice to Have: Style Guide 

If you already have a style guide, that’s great, I’ll be able to more quickly learn your brand voice. If you don’t, no problem — but it’s something I can definitely help you put together in the future. 

Do you do SEO copywriting

Short Answer: Yes. I am an SEO strategist and can take care of all your SEO needs.  

Long Answer: When you’re creating the foundational copy for your website (home page, about us, FAQs, contact us, our approach, etc.), SEO optimization shouldn’t be your top priority. No one is searching “about [your company name]” so you don’t need SEO optimization for your “about us” page, even though that’s a very important page that will get a lot of traffic from people who have already found your website and are trying to decide if you’re a trustworthy company. Where it does matter is your services page(s). 

I’ll make recommendations about the structure of your site. For example, many people will put all of their services in a list on one Services page. However, this isn’t great for SEO

Following today’s SEO best practices, you need to have a dedicated page for each keyword you want to rank for. And for most businesses, each of their services would represent a different keyword. 

So it would be better to have a services page in the main menu, and a drop down menu linking to each different service you offer. This gives you the opportunity to make each one of those pages the best possible result on the entire internet for someone searching for that service.

For example: a roofing company could break its services into the following three unique pages:

  • Residential roofing
  • Commercial roofing
  • Solar panel installation

…instead of putting all of that info onto one “services” page.  

SEO copywriting is most important for blog posts. If you want your page to rank in search engines, you’ll need to aim to create dozens of blog posts. It’s a long-term strategy that is best tackled through a month-to-month retainer, rather than trying to crank out five or ten articles at once. If you’re interested in SEO optimized blog posts, check out my SEO content writing service

What do you cover during the Deep Dive Interview? 

The Deep Dive is an in-depth interview that helps me understand your audience, your product or service, and your company. I usually meet with any or all of the following subject matter experts: the founder/CEO, president/COO, head of sales, head of customer success. 

  1. Understanding Your Audience

Good writing always starts with a deep understanding of your audience. During my Deep Dive Interview with your team, I’ll learn as much as I can about your target audience. What industries do you serve? What are the job titles of your best customers? Who makes the decisions about buying a product or service like yours, and are those the same people who are likely to do the research? What are their pain points?

2.  Understanding Your Product or Service 

Once I understand your customers, I’ll dig into how you help them. I’ll get to know your products or services, the problems they solve, your unique selling proposition, and any differentiators for your company.

3.  Understanding Your Company

Lastly, I’ll get to know who you are as a company. What are your core values, what’s your founder story, what’s the personality of your brand? 

Do you do e-commerce sites and product descriptions

I specialize in b2b content marketing, but I don’t work with b2c companies, so e-commerce sites are not a good fit. My conversion-oriented copy will often include in-depth descriptions of products and services, with a point-by-point breakdown of how they solve customer pain points, especially if they’re software products, but I don’t do product descriptions of consumer goods. 

One-Off Website Copywriting Projects 

In addition to creating web content, I also write sales enablement copy. I can serve as an extension of your in-house content marketing team by creating effective copy for sales and marketing collateral such as:

  • Case studies 
  • White papers 
  • Landing pages 
  • Email marketing templates

I also offer hourly content strategy consulting services. 

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