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Is Your Content Doing Its Job? 

Your content has a purpose (and it’s not to fill a hole in your content calendar). Every piece of content you create, whether it’s a blog post, landing page, case study, e-book, or white paper should move readers to action.

At Olivia Barrow Communications, we believe that effective content needs to have purpose, authority, and impact. We call these the 3 Pillars of Effective Content:


  • Purpose: Answer your prospects’ urgent questions
  • Authority: Build your reputation as an expert
  • Impact: Generate business leads


Answer Urgent Questions

If you want your target audience to read your content, you need to answer a question they have and/or present a solution to a problem keeping them up at night. This should be the foundation of your content strategy, whether you’re using SEO as your primary distribution channel or email or any other medium. This also means your content needs to be written at a knowledge level that matches your readers’ knowledge level. No one wants to waste time reading a poorly paid content writer’s take on the most basic, essential facts of their industry.


Build your reputation

Your content needs to represent your brand well and share real expertise. If you’re only regurgitating the same 101-level content that anyone could find on wikipedia, you’re not going to impress your readers with your expertise.


Generate business leads

The most impactful content thoroughly demonstrates how your product solves specific problems. When you do this well, your readers will gain confidence that your product/service will work in the exact situation they’re facing, and they’ll be moved to contact you immediately.

Our Content Marketing Services At A Glance

SEO Strategy & Content

Scale SEO as a channel by developing and executing a comprehensive SEO strategy based on high quality, long-form blog content that ranks and converts.

Sales Enablement Content Writing

Create written sales assets that empower your team to close more deals.

Content Strategy Consulting

Lay the foundation for content marketing campaigns that bring in new customers, foster new connections, and drive business growth.

What Clients Say About Our Copywriting Services

We work with Olivia to keep our brand voice and website copy updated as it transcends over time. We also work with Olivia to tell the stories of our ever-evolving creative approach and process we use for our video projects.

Working with Olivia on copywriting is like the saying about being so close to the forest you can’t see the trees. You feel lost in the forest until you find Olivia and she takes you on a path of discovering the vistas that surround you.

There are so many details and layers to how we see our company and the work we create that we often have a hard time articulating our identity, approach & process. Creativity in itself is ambiguous and Olivia has a way of deep listening and finding the words to depict who we are. 

Olivia’s gift is making her clients feel seen, heard and known in a way others can clearly and concisely digest. It’s the depth brought to the surface, a fine balance that meets each reader where they’re at in their ability to know if your service aligns with their need.

Lauren White

Executive Producer, Indigo Life Media

Olivia was able to jump into the role of content strategist, come up with ideas for keywords that drive leads, work with other writers to produce articles that get rankings, communicate with clients, and ultimately exceed client expectations on results.

Benji Hyam

Co-Founder, Grow & Convert

I’ve worked with Olivia to level up the content we produce (blogs, whitepapers, website language, and press releases). We work in a complicated space and Olivia took it upon herself to become the expert in our product/space through her own research, interviews with our staff, stakeholders, and customers. Her work is consistently high quality and helps us establish ourselves as thought leaders in our space. We continue to work with Olivia because of her exceptional work and value to our company. 

Taralinda Willis

CEO and Co-Founder, Curate