Content Strategy Consulting

Design a content marketing strategy that meets your business goals.


Maximize the ROI of Your Content Marketing Investments


Here’s some free advice: Don’t spend a dollar on content until you have a strategy. 

(And if your current strategy is “create digital content and dropkick it into the void,” you should probably stop all of our content marketing efforts right now.)

What is a Content Strategy?  

A content strategy spells out who your target audience is, how you’ll reach them, how you’ll provide value to them (what questions will you answer?), what kind of content you’ll produce, and how you’ll measure the impact.

Before making any kind of investment into copywriting, you need to be confident that your digital marketing strategy aligns with your business goals, and that the content you create will bring a return that exceeds the investment. 

My content strategy consulting services will help you determine whether investing in content marketing is right for you or if your money would be better spent on more traditional forms of advertising and marketing.


Our Content Strategy Consulting Services at a Glance


Content Marketing Audit

SEO Strategy

Hourly Consulting

Content Marketing Audit


My content marketing audits follow the approach of a SWOT analysis to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in your current content marketing strategy

This service is intended for companies who aren’t sure how their current marketing strategy is working for them, and aren’t sure whether it’s best to keep investing in what they’ve been doing or if they should switch gears.

I’ll evaluate your website as a whole and make recommendations about information that’s missing and identify user experience issues that could be hurting your conversion rate.

I’ll then perform a content audit across your existing web content, and evaluate it based on my 3 Pillars of Effective Content. 

  • Purpose: Does your content answer your prospects’ urgent questions about your product or service?
  • Authority: Does your content build your reputation in your industry?
  • Impact: Does your content generate business leads?

Then I’ll identify the best types of content marketing investments you should make (blog posts, case studies, social media marketing, podcasts, sales enablement content, email marketing, etc.) to help you reach your goals.  


SEO Strategy


We offer a full-service done-for-your SEO strategy and content creation service, but if you’re interested in a more DIY approach to search engine optimization, our SEO strategy consulting service could be a good fit. 

If you already have a talented writer who is familiar with your business and your target audience, and can write quality content at the right knowledge level, then my SEO strategy consulting service might be a good option. 

I’ll conduct keyword research to produce an SEO roadmap that identifies the top 25 keywords you should try to rank for. I’ll also produce content briefs for each keyword detailing what kind of page (landing page or blog) and what topics to cover. 

My SEO strategy plan is designed as a 12-month playbook detailing exactly which SEO keywords you should try to rank for with your blog content, and how to make sure each article you write is well positioned to rank on page one for each keyword and generate organic traffic


Hourly Consulting 


Just want to talk to a content strategist for an hour? 

Book a one-time advice session where you can ask me anything about your content strategy. I’ll share as much knowledge as I can during our time together. During the meeting I’ll also make use of SEO research tools I have access to (that cost $150+ per month to use and don’t offer free trials) and share any reports I generate with you. My hourly content consulting rate is $150/hour. Click here to book a one-hour consultation.

Ready to build a foundation for a successful content marketing campaign?

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