How We Work

Learn more about our processes.


Our rates are project-based or retainer-based. We provide a custom quote for each project after a free 30-minute consultation.

We work best with startups who are bringing new, complex, and disruptive technology into the world. 

Our clients typically have a functional website, an email list, and an in-house marketing coordinator, but have yet to make any other serious investments in marketing.



What is your rate? We typically charge flat fees per project, with blog posts starting at $1,000 and white papers starting at $2,000.

Do you charge an onboarding fee? If it’s our first time working together and you only need a specific set of deliverables, we will charge an onboarding fee of $500. If you’re starting a monthly contract, there won’t be an initial onboarding fee, but the first month of the engagement will be devoted to our onboarding process, instead of producing deliverables. 

What’s your turnaround time? We can turn around most simple content projects in one week after receiving all of the source materials. Depending on our availability, we can rush the turnaround for an additional fee.

How many rounds of revisions do you provide? For our content creation services, we offer up to three revisions within the first 30 days after providing the first draft of your deliverables.

Do you charge a deposit? Yes, we require a deposit before beginning work — typically 50% of the fee. We invoice for the final 50% when the project is complete, or 30 days after we submit all deliverables (whichever comes first). 

What is ghostwriting? Our approach to ghostwriting always involves an interview, either over the phone or in-person. The writer will ask you probing questions, take almost-verbatim notes, and then find the unifying narrative and tie it together into a first draft that preserves your unique voice. You’ll have a chance to add more of your own touches or go deeper on any points during your review period, but most of our clients make very few changes. They’ve even told us that our writing captures “their voice” better than their own writing.  

Is it cheating to hire a ghostwriter? Nope! Good writing takes a lot of time and focused effort, and we’re guessing you don’t have the luxury of taking that kind of time. If you’re still feeling iffy, see what our past clients have said about working with a ghostwriter.