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If your customers are looking for solutions like yours on Google and other search engines, you need to invest in search engine optimization (SEO).

We help digital businesses scale SEO as a growth channel by developing and executing a comprehensive SEO strategy based on high quality, long-form website content that ranks and converts visitors into customers.

As with all of our content marketing services, our SEO content writing services are built around our 3 Pillars of Effective Content:

  • Purpose: Answer your prospects’ urgent questions
  • Authority: Build your reputation (and brand awareness) in your industry
  • Impact: Generate business leads

Keep reading to learn how we apply this philosophy to our SEO content marketing strategy.


Our SEO Content Services at a Glance


Keyword Research

Link Building

Content Creation

Rank Tracking


On-Page SEO

Lead Generation


Keyword Research

Identify Your Best Keyword Opportunities Through Keyword Research

To grow your B2B business through SEO, you have to figure out 1) what your prospects are searching and 2) provide the best possible answer. 

That’s why research for SEO keywords starts with your customers. What are the problems your target audience is trying to solve? What are their burning questions about your product or service? When they’re ready to buy, what are they typing into Google? And how can you get your website to be the first result? 

B2B SEO is incredibly competitive. Every time Google rolls out a new update to its search algorithm, it’s making an improvement on an already remarkable system for identifying the content that is best-suited to answer searchers’ queries. To show up in the top three positions (which get 75% of the clicks), you have to produce web content that is significantly better than the existing content showing up in the search engine results pages (SERP).

To identify the best keyword opportunities, we look for keywords that:  

  • Indicate buying intent
  • Have a low difficulty score according to SEO tools like Ahrefs
  • Have a SERP that doesn’t give searchers the answers they’re looking for

That third step is crucial, and it requires critical thinking and empathy. Our SEO content writers make strategic judgment calls about what searchers really want. Our content team takes the time to read every piece of content in the SERP and critically evaluate it like the toughest writing professor at Yale. We identify the weak arguments, unsupported claims, unnecessary jargon, and stylistic errors that will send searchers right back to Google. 

The keywords we identify for your SEO Strategy are the low-hanging fruit that are the key to generating ROI from your investment in SEO as fast as possible.

Content Creation

Give Searchers Exactly What They Want

In SEO writing, satisfying search intent is everything. It’s the whole game. 

Ask 10 SEO experts about what the most important ranking factors are for Google, and you’ll get 10 different answers, because Google is always tweaking the algorithm. But the one factor that’s always constant? 

How well the content meets the needs of the searcher. There are many signals Google uses to determine whether a searcher was satisfied with the results of their search. A few worth mentioning are: 

  • Click-Through Rate. Did the title of your page make the searcher think you had the best answer to their question? 
  • Bounce Rate. If the searcher clicks on your page, but returns to Google immediately afterward, they probably didn’t find the answer to their question.
  • Time on Page. Google assumes that if you spend a lot of time (more than 30 seconds) on a page, you are probably reading it and getting value out of it. 

So how do we put this knowledge into practice to create SEO-friendly content that gives your searchers what they want? Three things: 


  • We write at the same knowledge level as your ideal customers so they don’t u-turn when they start reading obvious stuff they already know.
  • We provide real insight and expertise drawn from your internal subject matter experts. This builds your authority in your industry by providing unique, original, and engaging content that answers your potential customers’ questions. 
  • We create one piece of content per target keyword, which allows us to thoroughly cover the specific topic in each post. Our approach to SEO copywriting starts with creating a content brief that determines what type of content searchers are looking for, what sub-topics we need to cover, the approximate word count, and what supporting terms and phrases we need to include (using SEO optimization tools like Clearscope). Note: This is NOT keyword stuffing; this is thoughtfully and insightfully incorporating key phrases into our content.

On-Page SEO

Make a Good Impression (on Searchers and Bots)

An amazing user experience (UX) and a perfect score on a technical SEO audit can’t get people to your website if you’ve failed to create high quality content that matches search intent. However, technical SEO errors can keep them from ever finding your website even if you do have excellent content. And bad UX can make them rage quit before they get to reading any of your content. 

That’s why we evaluate your site’s UX as a whole and work with technical SEO and UX experts to redesign any elements of your UX that are causing unnecessary friction and fix structural issues that could hurt your ability to rank.

Link Building & Rank Tracking

Get on Top, and Stay There

While the quality and relevance of your blog content is typically the most important factor in search engine rankings, there are a few other important factors. 

Topical Authority of Your Website as a Whole

Google is looking for websites that are trustworthy sources for the topic at hand, and one of its signals to determine that is the amount of content on your site that covers the topic (along with its relevant sub-topics). This means your SEO efforts will build on each other as you go if you continue producing more high quality content, increasing your overall page count and covering your niche more and more thoroughly. As we create more content for you, the rankings of all of your content should grow. 

Internal and External Link Building

There’s no doubt you’ve heard about the importance of link building for SEO. It takes two forms: internal links throughout your website, and links from external sites with a higher domain authority (DA) than yours. Internal linking is both a technical SEO best practice and just plain smart: if visitors click on your internal links, they’ll spend more time on your website, and have a higher chance of finding the answer to their question on your site. 

External link building happens both organically — when you create the best resource on the web for a particular topic, other websites will link to it — and through systematic outreach to other websites. We work with trusted partners to build external links to your content. 

Ongoing Monitoring

Every SEO retainer includes monthly updates about your SEO performance and conversion rates so you can see your rankings improving. 

However, since SEO is competitive, you’ll occasionally see your posts lose ground as competitors step up their game. If you lose a top 3 ranking, we’ll investigate why and create a strategy to get it back, including things like content revisions, additional link building, and improvements to your UX. 

Lead Generation

Turn Traffic into Sales

Ranking on page one and generating traffic from SEO is meaningless unless a significant portion of searchers are moved to request a demo, sign up for your trial, or make a purchase. 

Each month, in addition to reporting on your SEO performance, we also report on the organic traffic and conversion rate of each article. 

Every SEO article we write includes an in-depth product description written in your brand voice. This approach helps maximize the conversion rates of all content we produce.

This is how you generate business leads from content.

Get Results Without Breaking the Bank

If you’re searching for the best SEO content writing services, you may have read through a bunch of content marketing agency landing pages like this one. You’ve probably noticed that most content writing agencies go on about all the project managers, writers, editors, content strategists, graphic designers, and technical SEO experts that are involved in their SEO campaigns. And if you’re thinking, this s*&t is gonna be expensive, it certainly can be. Most full-service SEO agencies charge $10K to $30K a month

But you can still get powerful SEO results with a much smaller investment. 

My SEO services start at $5K a month. Here’s how I keep my pricing low: 

  • Minimal Overhead. Olivia Barrow Communications is just me, Olivia Barrow, and occasionally an extremely well-vetted and trusted professional writer to expand my capacity. You’re not paying for the time (and benefits) of 5, 10, or 30 people at a huge content writing company. You’re paying for my expertise and my time.
  • Quality over Quantity. My starting package includes 2 articles (or web pages) per month. Other agencies rely on a huge team of freelance writers to produce anywhere from 3 to 8 per month. More articles can mean faster ROI (if the articles are high-quality, which they’re often not), but the expense can be prohibitive.
  • Outsourcing at Cost. When I need to supplement my capacity or skills with other services (technical SEO audits, graphic design, link building, etc.), I do so at cost, meaning I’m not profiting off of my sub-contractors’ services. In many cases, I work with trusted providers that I have an ongoing relationship with, which allows me to access economies of scale, and pass those savings on to you.
  • No Fluff: One of the reasons large digital marketing agencies charge so much is they want to sell you everything but the kitchen sink. They try to convince you that your content needs everything from custom professional video, social media posts, infographics, and custom illustrations in order to rank at all. While those assets can be nice and can be repurposed in really effective ways, they’re not necessary to succeed at SEO. Instead, I use effective visuals to tell the story that cost nothing or next to nothing to create. If you’re selling software, screenshots of your own product are your best visual storytelling asset.

One-off Content Creation Services

I am also available to serve as an extension of your SEO content creation team. If you rely on outsourced article writing services and need occasional help or additional writing capacity on a monthly basis, I can typically help with one to three articles per month, although my capacity varies monthly.

My turnaround time can be as fast as one week for individual pieces. I also write case studies, press releases, and white papers.

Ready to see your website dominating searches for your most valuable keywords?

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