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Olivia did extensive research, delivered thoughtful and well-organized content, and responded promptly to make some minor client requested revisions. We plan to engage her soon on another project. She has specific experience in both the real estate and industrial sectors, but is smart and can write about a range of business topics. We are happy to recommend her work.

Jody Lowe

President and Managing Director, The Lowe Group

Olivia has raised the bar of Doyenne’s Transforming the Narrative initiative around women entrepreneurship and creating inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystems. Her level of detail while producing our digital magazine, including writing all of the articles, designing and editing the layout, as well as the marketing and distribution strategy, has increased our readership and benefited our organization in countless ways.

Heather Wentler

Executive Director, Doyenne Group Inc.

Olivia is incredibly insightful. She listens to her client deeply, which allows her to write in their voice. This is not easy and takes unique talent. Her turn-around time is fantastic. Her approach to the work is generous and helps clients feel powerful. I cannot say enough good things about this experience…and I went into it with skepticism!

Amy Gannon

Co-founder & Director of Entrepreneur Development, Doyenne

I’ve worked with Olivia to level up the content we produce (blogs, whitepapers, website language, and press releases). We work in a complicated space and Olivia took it upon herself to become the expert in our product/space through her own research, interviews with our staff, stakeholders, and customers. Her work is consistently high quality and helps us establish ourselves as thought leaders in our space. We continue to work with Olivia because of her exceptional work and value to our company. 

Taralinda Willis

CEO and Co-Founder, Curate

I decided to work with a ghostwriter because writing was an arduous process for me. I’m a lot better at expressing my ideas verbally. But Olivia wasn’t just a transcriber — she didn’t let me off the hook. She pushed me to expand on points, explain why things were important, and what action readers should take. Olivia helped me get back to consistent content production, and she was awesome to work with. I saw a huge ROI from the investment.

Spencer Smith

Founder, AmpliPhi